The Elisa and Laura recipes



We welcome Elisa Berghi and Laura Franceschetti, who will guide us with their recipes through the flavors and products of excellence from Tuscany.

Elisa and Laura are true food lovers and transmit their passion with the “Cooking in Chianti” project that aims to offer a wide range of services to citizens and, above all, tourists who want to discover the secrets of good Tuscan food. From cooking classes to catering for events up to the chef at home and so-called “food experience” (a day that starts by going to buy from the producer and ends with cooking the food first hand), Laura and Elisa go 360 degrees in the various opportunities offered by the kitchen.

With them we will reveal some secrets of Tuscan cuisine with recipes, menus and special combinations with products you can buy on eChiantiShop. “Making something really good and tasty is truly within everyone’s range. And we will try to create tasty dishes and also propose an entire menu based on a single ingredient or a traditional element of the month or season we are in. In short, a journey we can do together in the hope that all users will become passionate about good food and good Tuscan cuisine just as it happened to us.”

So, don’t not miss your appointment with “Elisa and Laura’s Recipes”!

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