Craft beer: with apostle of Gambrinus there will be no more secrets!


Tuscany is not only wine and extra virgin olive oil, but also craft beer, a growing industry that offers innovative products and flavors. Nicholas Maggini will lead us through this world, a lab technician with a strong passion for beer and its culture.

Where did this passion come from?

The passion for beer came after meeting, about ten years ago, Franco Re, a leading expert of beer and rector of the Università della Birra (University of Beer), who died in 2012. Franco passed his passion for beer to me, for how much there was to learn and for the culture of tasting and production processes. He provided me with the tools on how to taste craft beer, knowledge which I then enriched reading books in the field and with practice, participating in events and tastings. I embarked on a real friendship with Franco to the point he called me, jokingly, the apostle of Gambrinus.

Is beer culture spreading in Italy?

In Italy we are experiencing a real boom of craft beer, but beer culture is still not very widespread, so I try to convey my passion and my knowledge to people around me by involving them in dinners where I prepare recipes with beer and propose specific combinations.

What will you talk about on the eChiantishop blog?

I am a fan and in this space I will endeavor to transmit the culture and passion that I developed for beer. I won’t go into academic explanations, because mine is a passion that comes from the heart. I will give you some tips on how to taste beer and I will guide you to discover craft breweries and, of course, there will be some recipes I have experienced over the years, such as my strong suit I prepare for every season: beer risotto and bacon.

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