Jack’s Original Pale Ale beer that appeals to everyone!


Today the apostle of Gambrinus beer wants to offer you a very respectable beer: Jack’s Original Pale Ale, from the Red Jack Brewery, a beer less demanding than others already proposed on this blog, and perhaps for that reason, very suitable for most palates.

This excellent beer is Pale Ale style, with features very well suited to consumers who may dislike excessive bitterness or a too high alcohol content.
The foam is persistent, white and soft, with medium-sized bubbles. jacks-original-pale-ale-2
Jack’s Original has a light golden color, quite smooth and characterized by a slight haze, has an average olfactory intensity, in other words, there isn’t the so-called “waft of aromas” that sometimes impacts the senses when you come closer to the glass! Instead, there are very light hints of wheat, but what stands out are the notes of citrus and exotic fruits, with a truly elegant aroma. Its light intensity is confirmed on the palate, almost not wanting to monopolize the taste buds and presenting high carbonation, a good body and pleasant citrus notes that give way in the end to a very light bitterness, in line with its declared 29 IBU. This gem is also characterized by a persistent aftertaste, a pleasant bitterness which leaves a pleasant memory of this beer, truly balanced: the brewmaster has created a good product, because in proposing balanced beers with no well-marked characterizations there is a high risk of bringing out even small defects, which have not been encountered in this tasting.
If you want to drink a “light blonde” (I know right now Gambrinus would fulminate me if he could, but he’s not Zeus!), offer it also to friends for a drink in a group, or combine it with not overly demanding foods, this is the beer for you!

Pace e Birra!

Niccolò Maggini


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