Jack’s Indi Wave: the pleasure of having “a bitter taste”!


For those who love bitters, here’s a beer for you: Jack’s Indi Wave, brewed (and not braised) by our faithful Fabrizio, master brewer of craft brewery Red Jack Brewing. You can order this delicacy on eChiantishop.

Jack’s Indi Wave is a respectable top-fermented beer, an India Pale Ale (IPA): it has a compact and fine foam, not very adherent to the glass and not very persistent. It has a slightly hazy amber appearance (let’s not forget, however, that it is a craft beer and therefore unpasteurized and unfiltered). jacks-indi-wave-2It presents a pleasant and elegant floral aroma, slightly fruity with herbaceous and hoppy notes (aromas that an IPA lover particularly appreciates!). This wonderful IPA is also characterized by a moderate carbonation and a round body, also due to 6.4 volume it has.
The feature however that distinguishes this nectar of Gambrinus is its bitter taste: 55 IBU of pure pleasure! Consider that a lager (the blonde classic for many, not for you!) often doesn’t exceed 30 IBU (IBU stands for International Breast ness Units, a scale based on the organoleptic characteristics which determines how bitter a beer is). Considering that much of the intensity of the bitter taste is given by hops, you’ll understand that this very bitter beer is not lacking in them, on the contrary … Moreover, if American hops are used the perception of bitterness is greatly increased.
Despite its bitter character, this beer has a good balance in the mouth, in other words, despite tasting the more intense bitterness with respect to other beers, we perceive other aromas such as herbaceous and fruity notes, characteristics which give it a rich aftertaste. A discreet persistent aftertaste also allows you to enjoy the pleasant aromas even after swallowing.

jacks-indi-wave-3This is not a beer for everyone: if you don’t like bitters then maybe this won’t be to your taste. Are you really sure, however, that you don’t like bitters? Try this beer and I think you’ll be amazed!
For lovers of the IPA, or at least the brewing genres, I highly recommend you try it: the bitter impact is as remarkable as it is pleasant! It is not a bothersome bitter, instead it is intriguing and makes you want to sip some more … and a little more … until you finish the bottle!
Peace and beer !!!

Niccolò Maggini

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