eChianti Shop: traveling among the excellences of Tuscany!



    Welcome to the eChianti Shop blog, the journey to discover the excellences of Tuscany begins here.

    We will introduce you to the companies, the history, people and emotions that lie behind the products you can buy on the eChianti Shop ecommerce portal.

    On eChiantiShop you’ll find extra virgin Tuscan olive oil, organic products, wine, compotes and jams made with fruits and vegetables without preservatives, we will present all these products to you… but let’s not forget the handicrafts of great value whose production we’ll tell you all about, such as the ceramics of Montelupo Fiorentino!

    eChiantiShop is also much more: you’ll be able to experience Tuscan life with visits to particular historical, artistic and cultural places, with tastings with cooking classes taught by talented chefs (of course, made in Tuscany!); and naturally, our task will be to remind you of these events with tales of your experiences precisely in this dedicated portal space.

    So are you’re ready to go?!

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