Arte Dolfi Ceramics: unique works in a continuous stylistic research between past and future styles


    In Montelupo Fiorentino, the pottery town, immersed in the countryside of Florence you’ll find the Arte Dolfi Ceramics factory.

    The experience and skill of the master craftsmen has been passed down from generation to generation, in a continuous experimentation of special processes and combinations of earth, water and fire, the three elements that give life to ceramics.

    The works and artefacts, strictly made by hand, are made with care and attention to a continuous stylistic research in a mix of past forms and styles, in close relationship with Mediterranean tradition.

    The lab shelves welcome forms, pounce, drawings, which constantly provide creative ideas for new productions decorated in relief, Raphaelesque, in Della Robbia or stained motifs, inspired by various forms like those of Savona, Castelli d’Abruzzo, Venice, Caltagirone, Faenza, Liberty and Cantagalli and Minghetti manufactures.

    Each piece is unique in its shape, colour and minor imperfections and conveys the love and passion that every day is invested in the construction of these objects. Whatever the choice of style or the work created, the protagonist is the creativity.

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