The harvest in 2016 as told by The Spinosa


    Claudia, Danilo, Damiano and Gianfranco, owners of La Spinosa, tell us about this year’s harvest.

    Dear Customers and Friends,

    here’s our comments about the wines of this year’s harvest.

    The seasonal pattern was very unusual: incessant rains until mid-June, then drought and moderate heat until almost the harvest. We think that we should more and more get used to these climate changes and work in the vineyard to try and help the vines to these oddities.

    Finally, we can consider that the 2016 vintage is a good quality year, perhaps not to the standard of 2015, but definitely rich in satisfaction.

    white wine comes with good acidity and soft with sweet scents of acacia and exotic fruit.

    rosé wine with the classic scent of berries, where you feel more raspberries. Soft in the mouth but well structured.

    – the sangiovese picked first, produced fresh wines, rightly tannic, with floral aromas, good for producing Chianti and SO2 free wine.

    – merlot is soft, structured, with ample notes of cherry and ripe fruits.

    – the selected and late harvests of sangiovese and cabernet sauvignon as always give wines with great structure, and we can expect an excellent year for our medium and long aging wines like Chianti Riserva, Gorgottesco and Prunaiolo.

    Our work and commitment continue, to provide high quality products.
    We thank you for your cooperation and we send you our best greetings.

    Claudia, Danilo, Damiano and Gianfranco


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