Swig, savor and taste … alone or with friends … the choice is yours!


Each of you can get closer to beer and its culture in the way you wish: by buying and tasting always the same one, by trying various brewing types depending on the occasion and by the availability of one variety compared to another.

I still think it is very important to know that we can also place ourselves in front of the nectar of Gambrinus more analytically, in order to discover sensory characteristics, and carry out “tests” that will allow us to know more about, deepen and appreciate the quality of the beer we are tasting (or trying to taste!): beer can offer much more than a refreshment, a moment of pleasure or a memorable drinking session with friends!
For a correct tasting it’s important to choose a suitable place, not too aseptic, we still have to reflect on the fact that, for example, the organoleptic properties of the beer could be altered by an environment in which the air is vitiated, and light must also be optimal to observe reflections and color.
The glass plays a vital role in tasting because, depending on the shape, it can highlight foam characteristics, appearance and ensure adequate oxygenation of every kind of beer. It also must be clean, without any residue, and not just for hygienic reasons. You are therefore permitted to electrocute with your eyes any person who dares to serve beer in plastic cups or directly from the bottle! Or if the wrong glass is used!

beer-1482748 (Custom)Other conditions for a correct tasting must necessarily be regarded: the tapping, which varies depending on the “jewel” that we’ll have in the glass before and on our taste buds afterwards!
Even the serving temperature varies: each beer should be served at a given temperature to enhance its olfactory characteristics: there are beers that pass by certain olfactory and taste sensations because they are influenced by increasing temperatures!
We will discuss more detailed methods on the tasting of the beloved beverage through descriptions of qualitative and quantitative tests, but for now let’s savor it and become intoxicated by its many aromas and tastes!
Peace and Beer!

Niccolò Maggini

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