La Spinosa: organic wines made with love


    The focus on environmental sustainability, the environment and the organic are the elements that distinguish the farm La Spinosa Barberino Val d’Elsa for 32 years. A company that has chosen organic production straight away, as a life choice and production, even before certifications were defined. A belief has guided this choice: that organic farming is essential to promote a natural balance to the life of plants and the environment, as well as a guarantee for the health of both producer and consumer.

    La Spinosa with its vineyards and olive groves is immersed in the Chianti region, between Florence and Siena, at one with nature and the animals that inhabit the area and are a source of inspiration for the labels and the names of the wines.

    Production is internal and even bottling takes place in the company in order to guarantee the quality and control of products.

    There are 10 wines produced: a Chianti Colli Fiorentini, a reserve, the Marugale, the only white wine from La Spinosa, the rosé Canto di Baccio, the Merlito and the Giovito are two red wines without sulfites, the Foco d’Ambra passito with amber colors, the Gorgottesco and the Prunaiolo’s are the company’s flagship red wines and the Grappa Raspirossa, a distillation of fermented grapes with the addition of the Corbiolo, an extra virgin olive oil. All these products are organic and the particular names are inspired by the ancient names of plants and types of grapes. With the products from La Spinosa you can make an experiential journey among the original flavors of the grapes, expertly combined, and lose yourself among the elegant scents and colors of these unique wines!


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