It’s called Happy Hour…you’d finish it in a minute!


Here is a section of the blog that I particularly like: reviewing a beer! Because the review implies that it must be tasted (not all drank in one gulp!).

The beer we will consider is Happy Hour, one of the various types of beer from the brewery Red Jack Brewing, of which there are also some products in our website.

Happy Hour is a strong ale, and inspired by the Belgian brewing style: it’s a top-fermented beer with a 7.5% alcohol content and also bitter standing around 36 IBU (so bitter you can taste it!). This beer has a fine foam, compact and persistent, and is blonde with a cloudy appearance (remember that being crafted it’s not pasteurized, fortunately I might add!). It has important olfactory intensity, and has balanced herbaceous and fruity notes, which invite the taster not to dwell too much on the elegant aroma but rather to analyse the taste balance. It has high carbonation and a well-structured body. As mentioned above, it has a high bitter character (36 IBU isn’t little!) but very balanced and above all not very persistent. This product has a remarkable balance in the mouth in which fruity and a very resinous herbaceous notes occur. It has a peculiar rich aftertaste characterized by a long persistence, which leaves that sense of a pleasant bitterness on the palate.

For those who don’t love the too high-sounding words, this is a classic blonde lager, bitter, but in a balanced way, not really recommended to drink during the hottest hours of the summer, both for the complexity of taste but also for its high alcohol content, and should be combined with complex dishes such as mature cheese or red meat. But let’s be honest: this beer is excellent, or like I often say, 10 out of 10! So even with its full-bodied characteristics I’d still recommend it with forty degrees in the shade. Because after a nice beer like this, who prevents us from making a jump to find Morfeo?

Peace and Beer!

Niccolò Maggini

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