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    Centuries of tradition and knowledge refined over time, handed down from masters to students with a tradition that still continues today: this is the secret to the success of Montelupo ceramics. Since the thirteenth century Montelupo had seen the emergence of the production of the glazed archaic majolica with tin oxide and lead, whose negative health effects were not yet known. The fortune of the Montelupo production grew once Florence conquered Pisa, an event that brought ceramics to the international market with the opening of the river trade.

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    There was no noble Florentine family that didn’t commission custom table services with their crests from the Montelupo furnaces: the Medici, Strozzi, the Peruzzi, Pandolfini, Pucci, Machiavelli and Corsini, all of whom were fascinated by the elegance of these furnishings and on several occasions used them to decorate and beautify their homes. Lorenzo the Magnificent counted among his treasures “beautiful Montelupo majolica” and Maria de Medici adorned none other than the Luxembourg Palace and the the Pitti Palace with ceramic floor decorations!

    Like the great families of old we too can enjoy exclusive and personalized items with our name or an important date, unique handmade products by those who have devoted themselves for years to working in ceramics for a job but, above all, for passion.

    On eChiantiShop you will find these sought-after crafts that cater for all tastes: if the classical decor all curls and flowers is not your thing, you can choose more modern creations.

    Each Montelupo craftsman has an artist’s touch, today like yesterday … the only big difference with the past is that each object is glazed unleaded and therefore suitable for making the best impression on your table and in your homes!



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