Healthy nutrition and consumption of beer: myth or reality? Interview with Prof. Sofi


    Gambrinus friends, today we have decided to have a chat with someone who can explain some nutritional aspects of beer to us. We have chosen to talk with Prof. Francesco Sofi, author of numerous studies and research on the subject as delicate as as it is charming of nutrition!

    francesco_sofiN: Good morning, Professor. Sofi, exactly what role does he play within the University and the University Hospital Careggi?
    F: I am the Associate Professor of Food Science at the University of Florence and Medical Director at the SOD Nutrition Clinic of the University Hospital Company Careggi
    N: I propose a thorny question to you: is it possible to put beer consumption in a diet?
    F: Of course. The moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages, including beer, is considered an integral part of a balanced and varied diet. You just have to be careful with the amount: an alcoholic unit (equal to a small glass of beer) per day for women and two units of alcohol a day for men
    N: Now that’s an answer we like! But many wonder if there is scientific evidence that beer is good for you, are there?
    F: Several epidemiological and population studies have shown in a statistically significant manner that moderate consumption of beer may result in a reduction of the risk of Cardiovascular and Antidiabetic diseases
    N: If the science says so, you have to believe it! And we believe it very happily! But what are the benefits due to?
    F: The beneficial effects appear to be due in part to the alcohol molecule and partly to its nutritional components, primarily B vitamins and some minerals
    N: Mineral salts? In fact, I had heard and read about from various sources that it is more recommended to drink beer rather than water after exercise. Is that true?
    F: During and after exercise the only recommended drink is water, perhaps with some addition of minerals. As regards the other recommendations, there is no scientific evidence to prove so
    N: No! But how! We can no longer use it as an excuse now! There is another Italian myth that I would like to understand if it should be discredited or not: pizza and beer are a good combination?
    F: Not so much, since they are two preparations derived from wheat. The combination can give the intestinal bloating problems to those who already suffer from them, such as people with irritable bowel syndrome
    N: So, as Lubrano would say, the question arises naturally: how can you put the beer in the context of a Mediterranean diet?
    F: Trying to introduce it during meals, in the framework of the recommendations previously described
    Thank you, Professor! You have given us great tips to be able to consume the nectar of Gambrinus and also obtain its benefits!

    Pace e Birra!
    Niccolò Maggini

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