From the clay and the skill of the craftsmen is born the Impruneta terracotta


    Clay processing has a long history in Italy, the first traces in the Chianti date back to the eleventh century from the presence of tile manufacturers in the Impruneta area.

    Impruneta, the town of 14,000 inhabitants in the province of Florence, owes much to terracotta because it characterized not only the economy but also the social life of the community and the birth of a culture and a knowledge to be diffused and valued. The secret of this good fortune lies in the physical and chemical characteristics of the land which is located in Impruneta, known as marl which sets it apart from all other types of land in Italy.
    terracotta-impruneta (2)In 1419 Filippo Brunelleschi chose Impruneta terracotta to build the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, and the architect, very demanding, claimed that the artisans of Impruneta provided him with perfect bricks!
    This material offers, at the same time, solidity and lightness, it is not exclusively used for the production of tiles and bricks for construction purposes, but from the skill of the craftsmen are born real Impruneta works of art, statues, vases, pitchers and furnishings for interiors and gardens.
    The craftsmanship of the terracotta is still based upon manual methods: with minimal use of mechanical means, always rudimentary, the craftsman of Impruneta terracotta has preserved the ancient processing techniques: many days of work to achieve the object, then allowing it to dry, baking it in two stages for a total of about 36 hours, two days to rest and lots of creativity!
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